Brazilian Stone Sculpture.

"Tender Care" a hand carved sculpture!

"Tender Care" is 21 inches tall.
The new born calf assisted by its mother
and other whales in the pod,
to get to the surface for the first breath of air.
Hand carved one of a kind sculpture,
mounted on a Black Walnut
base is available
From Adamson Studio for $5000.00(SOLD)

"EVA" Hand Carved Alabaster.

"EvA is 19 inches tall
on a 12 inch by 8 1/2 inch
Marble and Black Walnut Base.
For $3500.00(SOLD)

"Woman of Antiquity"

15 inches tall including the base.


Sold July 28th 2012
Original Sculpture in Alabaster


"Native American" 
Original Stone Sculpture 
Sold at the St. Paul Art Show.

"Two Feathers"

Alabaster - Rainbow Trout
picture of stone

15 inches in length, $1500.00

pic of stone trout

picture of stone

picture of stone

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