"Wood Carvers Special"

Woodcarving tutorial.
From the basic set up to-
carving the facial features.

6 Lessons on 5 DVD's
*Wood Carvers Special*

"Carving A Medicine Man" as featured in the Woodcarving Illustrated Fall 2011 Edition
"How to Carve The Native American"
"The Eyes Have It"
"Tricks Of the Trade"
And "Carving A Viking" including "Carving A Mountain Man".
Nearly $155.00 of instruction for only $95.00 plus shipping

Ron Adamson's 6 Lessons on 5 DVD's aid both the novice and the experienced wood carver.
"End of Year Special" series is for the novice to the serious wood carver!!
All 6 Lessons (5 DVD's) for $95.00 plus shipping.

3 DVD Combination; "Carving The Native American"
"Carving The Female Face" and "Carving The Medicine Man"

"Carving The Native American"-"Carving the Female Face"-"Carving The Medicine Man"
This 3 DVD Video Set is only $75.00 plus Shipping

NEW RELEASE! "Carving the Female Face"

Ron Adamson's simple approach to Carving the female face
with illustrations and examples of clay scultpure.

Add this Instructional DVD to your collection for $25.00 plus shipping.

"Carving A Viking" & The Mountain Man

A one hour and 40 minute video. 2 projects from start to wood finish.
$28.00 plus shipping

"Tricks of the Trade"

"Tricks of the Trade"
Single Purchase $20.00 plus shipping and handling

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