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In the late 1980's, Ron began his technique in bronze sculpting in the remote mountain area of Libby, Montana. The casting process is very time consuming from the beginning of the sculpture to pouring the piece in bronze. In 1990 Ron Adamson built his own foundry. Pictured here the sculpture "Honkers" won the "Best of Show", sculpture award from the "Celebration of Western Art" show in Puyallup Washington. "Honkers" was the first sculpture to be cast in his Montana foundry.  

In July of 97 a commission to Sculpt a life sized man with a guitar from the "Eagles" song "Take it Easy" took 2 years for Ron to complete. On September 11, 1999 the sculpture was placed on the corner of Kinsey and Second in Winlsow Arizona.

on location bronze

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Monumental Sculpture Tree Carving
"Pioneer Woman" and "Bigfork Tree" on Location in Big Fork, Montana
July 2011 Sculptors Jeff and Ron Adamson

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mini statue Pheasant sculpture trout Chief

Rod Stieger

In October of 2000. Actor Rod Stieger is presented with a life time achievement award,
by the Reno Film Festival. The award sculpted and cast by Ron Adamson.
Two of the recipients for the 2001 Reno Film Festival awards,
Tony Curtis and Dean Stockwell.

Tony Curtis

Dean Stockwell

Gary Burghoff

Remember Radar?

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